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Meet Venncomm TALK, the best-in-class, over the top, voice & encrypted chat BYOD application, that is making regulated employees immediately globally compliant with MiFID II on their personal devices.

Built within Good Dynamics, and underpinned by a Proprietary Platform and Global Telephony Network, Venncomm Talk offers non-VoIP calling & conferencing with in-built least cost-routing, as well as compliant sending and receiving of SMS via integrated SMS to IM conversion technology. All this on any network.



7-way Secure Segregation

No cross persona contamination of SMS, Calls and Call Logs, Missed Calls, Call Recordings, Voicemail Recipient Redials, Recorded Voicemails, and Contacts.


Making SMS Compliant

Unique SMS-to-IM conversion technology provides time stamping to otherwise non-time stamped SMS, making them compliant and auditable.


Any Device, Any Network

Available on iOS and Android, Venncomm TALK is carrier neutral, enabling businesses to be compliant on any phone and any network.


Cost Effective

Remove the need for corporate handset expenditure, and enjoy in-built least cost routing worldwide for calling and multi-party conferencing.


Unrivalled Experience and Setup

Tier 1 GSM HD voice quality calling and in-line recording and capture, with no call delays, and easy deployment with no need for SIM or contract changes.


In-App Calling Functions

HD individual speech path recording for “Who said what when” confirmation, auto-start scheduled calls on time so no dial-in needed, in-app playback of calls.


In App Calendar Functions

Auto update Calendar with scheduled calls appearing as appointments, and use the PA function to schedule calls using the native Calendar.


In-App Chat Functions

Share photos and files with encrypted Group Chat and add or remove contacts from conversation at any time. Switch to, or add chat while on a call.


The Power of Soteria™

All of the Core, Compliance and Efficiency Module features to choose from, depending on your business needs, and add more as you need them.

August 30, 2017 • White paper

Media Recording

All you need to know about Multimedia Recording Legislation and how Soteria™ has your business compliantly covered.


August 30, 2017 • White paper

Solving Compliance

Find out how Soteria™ solved three different financial organisations’ compliance requirements, using its fully modular and scalable platform.


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