In-Line and Live

Harness the world’s leading and widest covering single, in-network recording solution for mobile calls and SMS, with call forking technology to provide seamless user experience and call quality.

Fast to deploy and adaptable to your business needs, Truphone Mobile Recording is designed to meet regulatory requirements such as MiFID II, by compliantly capturing all inbound and outbound SIM-based voice and SMS communications, through Insightful Technology’s underpinning and in-network recording software.

Global Coverage

Together with Insightful Technology, Truphone is the only provider to deliver a single in-network mobile recording solution, across the world’s major business hubs, using global infrastructure of six data centres.

Call Forking Technology

Calls are handled at nearby Points of Presence so only recorded streams are routed back home. This means there is no diverts, delays, or roaming charges, just high quality calls.

No UX Change

Using an in-line recording method enables global seamless use, with no call degradation. Users can keep the same device and continue to use call waiting, conferencing and voicemail features as before.

Assured Recording

Capture and store all communications with the assurance of an accompanying immutable ledger that proves completeness of records for evidential weight. Deploy Truphone Mobile Recording as a fast, standalone solution, charged on a per user-per month basis, with the added guarentee of regular independant auditing and penetration testing by over 60 financial institutions including Tier 1 banks.

December 14, 2018 • Whitepaper

The FSI ‘Regulatory Alarm Test’

If the regulatory fire alarm sounded, would you be able to assemble all data in time, without getting burnt for late delivery, incomplete records, or substantial outside resource spend?


December 14, 2018 • Whitepaper

Mobile Recording

What’s your preferred mobile strategy? Find out how Soteria can provide the right solution to your specific voice recording requirements, with the reassurance it is all compliantly captured.


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