Trading Surveillance

Trapets are leaders in the market & trade surveillance, AML and KYC solutions space. Professional services include implementing compliance monitoring, analytics programs, and managed outsourced surveillance.

As one of the best providers in Europe for securities market surveillance, and in Northern Europe for anti-money laundering surveillance, Trapets has developed the platform InstantWatch, one of the most modern and powerful globally for automatic surveillance and compliance.

February 4, 2018 • Factsheet

Soteria™: A Single SaaS Solution

All you need to know about Soteria™ and how it relieves your compliance, surveillance, risk, and business efficiency requirements in one solution.


December 14, 2018 • White paper

The FSI ‘Regulatory Alarm Test’

If the regulatory fire alarm sounded, would you be able to assemble all data in time, without getting burnt for late delivery, incomplete records, or substantial outside resource spend?


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