Mobility & Transparency

Telstra Trader Voice is an innovation in trader voice technology that offers the transparency of High Quality voice recording and capture at ingress, through enepath’s fully portable tablet-based turret.

Underpinned by state of the art compliance software Soteria™, traders can now operate from any remote location, while always in line with strict compliance and governance regulations, including MiFiDII.



Multichannel Voice Recording

Record individual speakers in high quality within a conversation and isolate their audio to a single track, eliminating 'cross talk' and improving voice-to-text transcription for analytics, keyword search and case reconstruction.


Flexible Operating Platform

Ensure effective voice trading, from one desk to 1000s, through a fully distributed IP system with Private Peer to Peer SIP. Add or remove desks anytime and anywhere, enabling secure mobile cover for a trading desk in a different country.


Multimedia Data Capture

From trading turret data to mobile and fixed line voice, email, SMS, IM and social media correspondence, be sure to capture all global company communications for full data analysis, auditing and case building.


Touch Screen Tablet

Access individual trader settings and complete transactions from any location on enepath’s portable touch screen tablet, with user profiles stored centrally and delivered locally.


Uncompressed Voice Data

Audio quality of voice recordings is further improved through an uncompressed file format for better transcription, analysis and keyword search facilities.


The Power of Soteria™

All of the Core, Compliance and Efficiency Module features at your fingertips; just pick and choose which ones your business needs, and add more features at any time.

Trader Transparency, Mobility and Compliance

September 6, 2017 •

TTV Factsheet

Find out how Telstra Trader Voice can bring transparency, mobility and compliance to your trading room floor.


August 30, 2017 •

Media Recording

All you need to know about Multimedia Recording Legislation and how Soteria™ has your business compliantly covered.


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