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Meet ‘Telstra MultiLine’, the best-in-class, over the top, and containerised voice & SMS chat app, using Movius BYOD technology; it is making regulated employees immediately globally compliant on their personal devices.

Underpinned by a Global Telephony Network, Telstra MultiLine offers non-VoIP calling with in-built least cost routing, as well as compliant sending and receiving of SMS on any network. Additionally, customers can assign multiple numbers to the single application.



Multiple Numbers

Assign multiple separate corporate numbers to the device for secure voice and text delivery and capture.


Degrees of Separation

Separate dialer, contact list, caller ID, voice mail, SMS and call logs, do not disturb and scheduler.


Carrier-Grade Service

Service that works across all global networks, utilising cellular voice, mobile data, and/or WiFI.


Any Device, Any Network

Available on iOS and Android, Telstra MultiLine is carrier neutral, enabling businesses to be compliant on any phone or network.


Cost Effective

Remove the need for corporate handset expenditure, and enjoy in-built least cost routing, worldwide, removing the need for hefty airtime plans.


The Power of Soteria™

All of the Core, Compliance and Efficiency Module features at your fingertips; just pick and choose which ones your business needs, as and when.

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The Real Value in Being Heard

The Realization Group examines new models for generating smart business intelligence from captured communications data, using AI and RPA technology.


December 14, 2018 • Whitepaper

Mobile Recording

What’s your preferred mobile strategy? Find out how Soteria can provide the right solution to your specific voice recording requirements, with the reassurance it is all compliantly captured.


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