Telstra ACES Launches with Equinix and Soteria™

Tuesday 10th July saw us mark the initial launch of Telstra ACES (Analytics, Compliance & Enablement Services) at Equinix HQ, a modular suite of infrastructure and services offering recording, transcribing and reconstructions of all business communications, utilising the power and technology of our Soteria™ solution.

Telstra ACES also includes a managed, ‘as a service’ storage and infrastructure offering, provided via Equinix Cloud Exchange™, either using a public, private or hybrid cloud, ensuring that data is stored in line with local data regulations within an Equinix Data Hub. A high-performance, private and secure connection to Microsoft Azure is also available via Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.

The solution enables real-time compliance with the latest financial regulations such as MiFID II and GDPR and also the rapid search, isolation of relevant events and sequential real-time case reconstruction of all trading-related activity through our single Soteria™ portal. Working with mobile, fixed line and turret calls, as well as multiple other electronic channels such as IM, chat, email, trading feed and e-comms platforms, businesses can be reassured that they have a complete single view of their corporate communication activity, including around a trade.

Additionally, Telstra ACES comes with comprehensive data analytics augmented by automated speech recognition and transcription of all voice calls to text in real time, enabling subsequent translation into other languages, all facilitated by Soteria™.

With ever increasing demands from both regulatory and business requirements, organisations from SMEs to Large Enterprises are become increasingly aware of the need for a truly proactive approach to business activity and efficiency, while ticking the box of compliance. Through using the power of Soteria™ and Equinix’s cloud infrastructure, Telstra ACES will come as a welcome market entrant within the financial industry’s Compliant Communications space.