The Management Team

Rob Houghton: CTO Headshot

Rob Houghton: CTO

Rob brings over 30 years of technology experience, having created large scale and business-critical technology platforms and solutions for IBM and HP across multiple verticals sectors.

Now leading Insightful Technology, Rob is the architect of the multi-media data recording platform Soteria.

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Steve Garrood: CCO Headshot

Steve Garrood: CCO

Steve’s background in engineering and business process management at T-Mobile, Truphone, Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom, brings a wealth of experience to Insightful Technology.

He has built global, high-performing sales teams to drive the uptake of solutions and services to Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators. He is responsible for Insightful’s commercial strategy and the development of multiple partner channels.

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Carina Evison: CMO Headshot

Carina Evison: CMO

Establishing her Marketing career in the Luxury Goods sector for leading English brand, Plain English Design, Carina subsequently launched their offshoot brand, British Standard, collaborating closely with The Prince’s Foundation.

Her experience and vision in this field has shaped how Soteria has been positioned within the financial services market in terms of strategy, brand development and messaging.

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Alan Stewart: COO Headshot

Alan Stewart: COO

Alan has over 25 years of experience in deploying strategic technology solutions whilst driving organisational growth in both large and small corporations, including Intel and SAVVIS.

Alan manages day to day business operations at Insightful Technology to ensure quality service delivery to all customers.

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