Transforming Trading

An innovative perspective to mission critical voice, Speakerbus delivers best-in-class hardware and virtual turret solutions, management software, and personalised service, that together empower the transformation of trading operations.

With full-function integration to Soteria™, including specialist hoot ‘n’ holler and private line capture, financial organisations can now operate with regulatory compliance and business efficiency as part of their daily trading practice, from front to back office.



Optimised Speaker Deployment

Reduce turret footprint by ‘adding on’ specialist trader voice functions such as hoot ‘n’ holler & private line access to existing unified comms solutions.


iTurret: Enhanced Trading

Modular, multi-call handling turret system that is fully customisable by the user at their desk and supported by a central management platform.


One-Touch iTurret Functionality

Hassle-free call clearing, call barging and multi-party calling, plus activate the speakerphone and adjust the volume controls, all with a single touch.


iManager ARIA: Virtual Dealerboard

Scalable open architecture provides dual virtual handset capability, line privacy, inbound & outbound call prioritisation, and clutter-free trading line access.


'Always in the Office' Availability

Never miss a call for traders on the move with seamless two-way transfer of lines between a desk device and a mobile. Enables free seating and hot desking.


The Power of Soteria™

All of the Core, Compliance and Efficiency Module features to choose from, depending on your business needs, and add more as you need them.

December 14, 2018 • Whitepaper

The FSI ‘Regulatory Alarm Test’

If the regulatory fire alarm sounded, would you be able to assemble all data in time, without getting burnt for late delivery, incomplete records, or substantial outside resource spend?


February 4, 2018 • Whitepaper

Soteria™: A Single SaaS Solution

All you need to know about Soteria™ and how it relieves your compliance, surveillance, risk, and business efficiency requirements in one solution.


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