Speakerbus and Insightful Technology Launch Partnership

Speakerbus and Insightful Technology create unique partnership to drive compliance and business efficiency throughout the trading lifecycle

London – UK – Wednesday, 31st January 2018

Speakerbus and Insightful Technology today are pleased to announce the formation of a dynamic new partnership designed to drive enhanced compliance capabilities and improved productivity throughout the enterprise.  The combined solution facilitates seamless integration, enabling detailed analysis of all voice trading conversations, together with all other multimedia trading data. Everything is delivered in real-time, provided via a single, hierarchical view of all business interactions globally.

The new solution integrates Speakerbus’s entire portfolio of high-performance trading management solutions with Insightful Technology’s Soteria™ software, a multimedia capture, analytics, e-surveillance and case reconstruction platform. This best-in-class offering of hardware, management software and service will provide many benefits. For the first time, financial institutions can achieve excellent voice capture quality, real-time analytics, and proactive monitoring features, including extensive keyword and phrase searching, and real-time alerting on any type of voice data, as well as other stored written multimedia. Businesses will also be able to drastically reduce their reliance on backroom equipment and the associated costs relating to multiple licences that have historically been required for trading and silo-based data storage.

The ability to record all types of inbound and outbound trader calls, irrespective of the source, is another significant step forward. This approach provides a higher quality of raw voice data which facilitates more accurate voice-to-text transcriptions, and the information can immediately be used to pre-populate CRM systems, deal tickets and best execution forms. In addition, the data can be instantly collated into trade reconstructions, ensuring all users can satisfy compliance regulations directives, as well as local and global retention policies, within minutes rather than days.

Andy Wodhams, Chief Executive Officer at Speakerbus said, “We are delighted to add Soteria to our expanding range of compliant offerings. All regulatory compliance is, by definition, highly complex and open to misinterpretation. MiFID II is a case in point. The Insightful approach to managing regulatory challenges is a real breath of fresh air. The uniqueness of our real-time media platform together with Soteria means our combined customers can now be assured that compliance can be delivered in a far more visible and interactive way.”

Steve Garrood, Chief Commercial Officer at Insightful commented, “In cementing a strong partnership with Speakerbus, we are giving financial companies back control of their trading and communications, not only guaranteeing compliance (which most pertain to have covered to some degree), but equally enabling proactive business efficiency, throughout the trading lifecycle. As a combined effort, we are also better able to unite front, middle and back office communications, and alleviate the burden of multiple hardware and licencing costs through our ability to ingest and store any type of data source in one place. This, combined with the ability to immediately search, retrieve, analyse and report on all global data including trader voice, in real-time, means that businesses no longer have to search for a needle in a haystack, often in multiple silos of data, instead enabling them to operate better internally, as well as relieving the increasing pressures of meeting regulatory requirements and avoiding significant fines or jail time.”



Speakerbus Editorial Contacts:

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Insightful Technology Editorial Contact:

Carina Evison, Head of Marketing & PR

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About Speakerbus

Speakerbus leads the field in creating and delivering world-class, innovative, mission critical voice solutions to global Fortune 1000 corporations within the financial services & command sectors. We provide resilient, high availability solutions, with simplified management and enhanced control from one central location. The iSeries solutions help you leverage & maximise existing investment in unified communications, voice recording & WAN infrastructure, with no hidden cloud network or service costs. Our client base spans 50,000+ users in over 60 countries. www.speakerbus.com


About Insightful Technology

Through our SaaS platform Soteria™ (www.soteriasoftware.co.uk), Insightful Technology provides organisations around the world with the ability to securely capture, analyse and store business communications in real-time, regardless of the source. With an accompanying A.I. and B.I. analytics and proactive alerting suite, and the functionality to create case reconstructions immediately, we not only drive compliance on a global scale but also impact on enterprise agility.

Soteria™ is currently used by 9 of the top 12 tier 1 global banks, and over 175 other financial organisations, and can also be implemented by government agencies, and legal institutions all around the world.