SOTERIA Wins Best Vendor for Dodd-Frank Award

We are deighted to announce that this afternoon, SOTERIA was named winner of the ‘Best Vendor for Dodd-Frank‘ award, as part of the RegTech Insight Awards 2020.

The annual awards are designed to recognise the valuable work of regulated technology firms in the form of solutions, services and consultancy, with winners carefully chosen via a two-step selection process, where a judging panel firstly finalises a shortlist of entries, before public voting is opened for industry participants to choose their favoured provider.

Creator and CTO of SOTERIA, Rob Houghton was interviewed following the announcement, to find out why he developed the solution for Dodd-Frank, what problems it continues to solve for clients, how he believes the solution will develop over the next few years and what his plans are for product development over the next 12 months. He also spoke candidly about the frustrations and dangers of vendors misleading firms, especially during such a period of uncertainty:

This accreditation highlights SOTERIA’s ongoing dedication to creating industry-leading and innovative technology, that serves to continually reduce the complexity of compliance, while transforming the way financial firms operate in accordance with regulatory obligations, through providing unparalleled insights from integrated DataVeillance. Having set out to tackle the major global regulations of Dodd-Frank, MAR, and MiFIDII, by using the same fundamental building blocks to fulfil the various requirements in each case, the recognition of being Best Solution for Dodd-Frank showcases SOTERIA’s ability to protect firms against the perilous and constantly shifting regulated landscape. Additionally, with over 10 years industry experience in relieving such regulatory burdens for over 180 firms, SOTERIA is now able to provide the same level of assured compliance and also efficiency, for newer regulations such as SMCR and GDPR.

At SOTERIA, we have always believed in providing a Single Source of Truth. Through capturing all communication and trade market data in real-time (audio, video or electronic), cleansing and indexing structured and unstructured data to provide a single searchable view of all global records and activity (with hierarchical permissions), and ‘hot’ storing data in an affordable, proven-secure, multi-tenanted global cloud infrastructure for 24/7 instant recall, clients can perform all the necessary business functions using one unified platform. This, together with in-built audio intelligence and NLP, full regulatory reporting, record keeping and immediate trade reconstruction, SOTERIA is able to reduce legacy disparate architecture and indeed operational overheads for better resource allocation, driving effeciency. To read or download a copy of the awards’ Special Report, click here.