SOTERIA Offers Free Trial of Integrated Solution for 90-Days

As financial firms struggle to remain operational during this period of disruption, having to both source and swiftly implement compliant Business Continuity Measures for remote working, as well as universally surveil all communication platforms and activity, SOTERIA has committed to help facilitate this by offering 90-days completely free use of our Integrated Compliance and Surveillance solution. This includes compliant data capture in real-time, and also DataVeillance capability of all Teams, ZOOM, Skype For Business and Slack* channels (*Slack IM only), in addition to any other audio, video and electronic data sources that SOTERIA captures as standard, including Bloomberg.

“Nobody could have predicted the current disruptive landscape that we find ourselves in, nor how the current pandemic would greatly expedite the need for more compliant collaboration tools to aid remote or agile working methods. However, what was previously considered as a ‘nice to have’ has now become a necessity.

Financial firms need to know that they can trust the regulatory compliance and security of new collaborative platforms as a result of being integrated to SOTERIA, especially during a period of time where they have been forced to procure solutions before their internal architectures and operations are fully prepared. By committing to help these firms and enabling free usage of SOTERIA for 90-days, we hope it will enable them to find their feet and build a new ‘normality’, at least in the short term.”

The 90-day period will include a light version of our full offering, providing access to the SOTERIA portal, real-time capture of data, and search functionality. Data storage in our highly-available, highly-redundant, multi-tenanted, and proven-secure private cloud infrastructure will also be free of charge during this time, subject to data volumes falling within our Fair Usage Policy.

The free trial will begin upon confirmation of integration completion, and after 60 days, you will receive a quotation for continued managed services which will automatically be billed if the trial is not cancelled at the end of business on day 89.

Should you not wish to move forward with SOTERIA following your 90-day trial, upon receiving your cancellation notice, we will return all data to you and delete all records from our system, as outlined in our Data Protection policy.

For more information about the 90-day trial of our Light SOTERIA offering, and to find out the full list of data sources that SOTERIA currently captures, please Contact Us and reference ‘90BCM’.