Soteria captures multiple Email source types in real-time, including Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, Mimecast and Webmail.

In addition, email archives from on-premise or cloud backups can be ingested, making both active and archived emails searchable for keywords, using proximity, fuzzy and wildcard look ups, globally. Searches include scanning through any attachments such as word PDF, PPT and Excel documents.

Fixed Line Telephony

Soteria™ records and collects multiple Fixed Line Telephony sources in real-time, whether SIP or TDM based.

Fixed Line calls can be taken at a switching level via the likes of Cisco, Avaya or Mitel and, in addition, we can ingest data from voice recorders such as Nice, Verint, Red Box and ASC.

As part of our efficiency module, these calls can then be transcribed from voice-to-text for features such as keyword alerting and CRM platform population.

Trader Voice & News

Soteria™ records and collects many different Trader Voice sources in real-time, including IPC, Enepath, SpeakerBus, Etrali, BT and ITS.

In addition, various Trading News and Pricing Feeds are ingestible in real-time from the likes of Bloomberg, Reuters, Findessa and Murex.

As a premium service, we offer voice-to-text transcription on these calls for keyword alerting and deal-ticket population.

Audio Mobility

Whether in-line mobile recording, over-the-top containerised applications or Skype for Business, our agnostic approach to audio mobility integration gives firms flexibility.

SOTERIA is the underpinning recording technology for Truphone Mobile Recording, allowing us to capture all calls and SMS transmissions in real-time.

In addition to offering compliant capture and surveillance of Skype for Business calls and IMs, we also capture ‘over-the-top’ solutions, Movius and Telemessage. These offer separation of personal and professional mobile communications on one device by assigning separate compliant numbers to a containerised application.

Instant Messaging

Soteria™ ingests an array of IM sources in real-time including Skype for Business IM, Bloomberg Chat, Reuters Chat, LinkedIn Chat, Yahoo Chat and Messenger and other IP-based services.

While we can ingest What’s App with a device application or MDM solution loaded onto a corporate device, under GDPR and Data Protection, businesses must handle personal and business traffic without breaching guidelines. We therefore advise clients to eliminate What’s App use through policy.

Social Media

Soteria™ captures data in real-time from many Social Media feeds and accounts, where utilised corporately. These include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. 

If however the social accounts are personal, and held on a personal device, data from these sources cannot be compliantly captured and is a point for the business to consider managing through their company policy.

Skype for Business

For those embracing IP-based communications, Soteria™ is able to record all aspects of Skype for Business in real-time.

From voice calls and instant messaging, to conferencing and video calls or multimedia, we compliantly capture all your SfB data and can offer playback, voice-to-text transcription and keyword searching to make what you collect useful.

Market Abuse Tools

Soteria™ has standard bi-directional API’s that allow third party Market Abuse Tools to be plugged in to the platform, in order to tag trades to all communication data types.

Third party plug-ins such as Trappets, Ancoa and BeNext are a few that we can integrate with, however Soteria is an agnostic platform and so also offers custom integration options to connect with other third party tools where needed.

Legacy & Archived Data

Most companies have past data, however Soteria™ can make it relevant to your present and future.

It can ingest multiple legacy data sources, including IBM, EMC and HP, and in addition, can digitally convert linear tapes, making them more easily searchable.



Real Time Capture

Whatever type of communication data it is, we capture it, live and at source. Even archived legacy recordings.



Keep data safe either on-premise, in a secure resilient cloud with no integration needed, or by using a hybrid of the two.


Search And Retrieval

Search metadata and retrieve objects from any location globally, all within a single pane view.


Data Protection & Integrity

3rd party certify your data, providing complete records of capture and storage, for duty of care and evidential weight.



A fully encrypted and digitally signed audit trail for all objects and user activity. Nothing can be tampered with.


Retention Policy Management

Set retention policies based on any location and specified duration. Wherever you are, you are covered.

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Soteria™: A Single SaaS Solution

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