United Surveillance

Quickly and comprehensively analyse trading behaviour for associated risk mitigation, while ensuring an effective response to regulation, with integrated communication and trade surveillance.

The first-of-its-kind collaboration provides thorough monitoring of financial instruments and asset classes and transforms the way Supervision and Compliance personnel approach the investigation of transactions and associated market and communication activity, in both buy- and sell-side organisations.

When Best-in-Class Surveillance Solutions Unite

October 8, 2019 •

SOTERIA and RIMES Partnership Review

A-Team Group reports on the first-of-a-kind collaborative partnership which has resulted in the successful integration of both Communication and Trading Surveillance


February 4, 2018 •

Soteria™: A Single SaaS Solution

All you need to know about Soteria™ and how it relieves your compliance, surveillance, risk, and business efficiency requirements in one solution.


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