Who is Insightful Technology?

Insightful Technology is an established technology house and creators of the Software as a Service platform, Soteria.

We provide organisations around the world with the ability to securely capture, analyse and store business communications in real-time, regardless of the source. With an accompanying Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence analytics and proactive alerting suite, and the functionality to create case reconstructions with regulator login access immediately, as well as pre-populate CRM systems or Best Execution forms with accurate voice-to-text transcriptions and translations, we not only drive compliance on a global scale but also surveillance and enterprise agility.

Our mobile voice recording solution, which is the underpinning technology of Truphone Mobile Recording, is currently used by 10 of the top 12 Tier 1 global banks, and over 180 other financial organisations, and can also be implemented by government agencies, legal institutions and pharmaceutical companies all around the world.