Insightful Technology Announce Microsoft Partnership

Insightful Technology to deliver compliant communications platform, Soteria™, powered by Microsoft Azure

The world-class Soteria™ solution, solving corporate communication compliance, including Skype for Business, in line with GDPR, MiFID II and the Dodd-Frank Act, is now available on the Azure cloud platform

London – UK – 20th February, 2018

Insightful Technology today announced the launch and immediate global availability of their compliant multimedia communications capture platform, Soteria™ on Microsoft Azure – in use at 9 of the top 12 tier-1 global banks. With this solution, financial services organisations can simplify the compliance burden of several key regulations (including MiFID II, GDPR, and Dodd-Frank Act) using the power of Soteria™, while maximising the scalability, flexibility and intelligent services of Azure and Skype for Business.

Organisations who are required to respond to regulatory requests, investigating specific trades and potential market abuse or manipulation, now have the ability to compliantly capture their worldwide corporate communications, including voice recordings and all data from Skype for Business, in real-time, and structure it in a single, fully-searchable, global and hierarchical view, within the Azure environment.

Advanced keyword searching algorithms, proactive alerting, voice-to-text transcription and translation, and earlier discovery of patterns, trends and intents using AI, enables deep data analysis, and cross-referencing against market news, quotations, and trade executions, giving businesses back control of their information, and providing them with a comprehensive view of their organisation.

Soteria™, also bridges several vital compliance and business efficiency gaps for financial institutions and other regulated businesses, by compiling case reconstructions of multimedia communication, leveraging Azure’s global scale, within a matter of minutes. Regulatory requests can therefore be responded to immediately, by granting regulators time-lapsed access to a containerised view of the collated case in question.

“The impact of this new collaboration for both companies, and more importantly the financial services industry is significant” said Rob Houghton, CTO and Founder of Insightful Technology. “Through the collaborative sharing and technology development, this next step in working with Microsoft not only enables us to continually innovate and challenge existing solutions and practices, but also empowers financial businesses to drive forward their organisations into a new era of digital transformation and AI, facilitating new compliant and efficient operational structures and work cultures, from front to back office, by creating far more enriched customer experiences.”

Matthew Kerner, Partner and General Manager, Financial Services Engineering at Microsoft said, “We are excited to collaborate with Insightful to help solve the increasingly complex regulatory problems facing financial institutions today. Insightful has a deep understanding of the industry, and technology offerings tailor-made for financial services businesses’ complex needs. With Microsoft Azure, Insightful can continue delivering innovative solutions to its customers, underpinned by Microsoft’s industry-leading global data center infrastructure, compliance portfolio, and work with global financial regulators.”



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About Insightful Technology

Insightful Technology ( provides organisations around the world, who are subject to Government regulations (including MiFID II, GDPR, and Dodd-Frank Act) with the ability to securely capture, analyse and store business communications in real-time, regardless of the source. Soteria™ (, our Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, has an accompanying A.I. and B.I. analytics and proactive alerting suite, and the functionality to create case reconstructions immediately, as well as pre-populate CRM systems or Best Execution forms with accurate voice-to-text transcriptions, not only driving compliance on a global scale but also impact on enterprise agility.