Global Data Views

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single window pane view of all your global communications through one secure portal?

Using Soteria, businesses can look at all of their worldwide stored communication data with a fully customisable permission-based architecture.

Offering multiple hierarchal views, companies can completely control data visibility and access, from a single Head of Desk view, to a global, “see all” Super Administrator view.


Wouldn’t it save your endless hours and pennies if you could automate compliance related processes?

With increasing demands to listen to and review a high % of call recordings, both for system testing and case reconstruction, daily compliance overheads are rising.

Soteria has in-built, best-in-class Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), which converts voice to text, enabling keyword searches, uptime testing, proactive monitoring on inbound and outbound calls of all types, and even population of CRM platforms and deal tickets.

Case Reconstruction

Wouldn’t it be useful to use a case building tool for solving business efficiency challenges as well as compliance?

Under regulations such as Dodd Frank, there is a need to respond to a requested case within a 72 hour time window, presenting all communication and trade data relating to it.

Soteria has the ability to search and filter all of these communications and lock them into a case file, which can be securely view by the regulator in less than one hour with a time-lapsed password.

Best Execution Forms

Wouldn’t it be efficient to have a pre-populating form that presented all information relating to a specific trade?

MiFID II requests that banks demonstrate transparent communication from quotation stage through to execution, including trade news, tagging these against the end-to-end engagement with a regulated firm.

Using Soteria, our clients can show “Best Execution” by matching quotes, trades, and dealer-to-broker communications, highlighting any threshold breaches, and triggering alarms to warn all parties.

Auditing Functionality

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that all of your stored data is fully authenticated and completely tamper-proof?

With regulators demanding third party authentication of electronic data, having an audit trail for all captured objects and the system itself is critical, in order to demonstrate a duty of care and evidential weight.

Built at the core of Soteria is a complete audit functionality to validate the integrity of collected and stored data, from its initial capture to an end user’s login and review of it.



Voice to Text Transcription

Whether fixed line, mobile or trading turret calls, transcribe in real-time to get keyword alerts for voice.


CRM & Deal Ticket Population

Input voice transcriptions directly into CRM notes and pre-determined Deal Ticket information fields.


Compliance & System Audit Tools

Third party authentication with system and data audit trail, tamper-proofs for duty of care and evidential weight.


System Integration

Integrate with workflow systems, user provisioning, procurement and deal ticket resolution.


Self-Provisioning & Reporting

Create new user forms, automated reports, and perform batch testing to record system uptime.


Random Content Check Negation

Remove the need for random content checks using our proactive keyword alarming.


Empowering Industry, Defining Proactive Compliance

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Soteria™: A Single SaaS Solution

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